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New NX series RFID safety switch with lock

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The new NX series RFID safety switch with lock marks a significant breakthrough in industrial safety. Due to its small size, it distinguishes itself as the world’s smallest safety switch with lock and RFID technology.

> Maximum technology in the minimum volume
Its dimensions of just 30x30x94.5 mm make the NX series safety switch, the smallest switch in the world with a volume of only 85 cm3.

> High safety standards guaranteed
This switch offers all the well-established features of the Pizzato brand, such as the RFID technology installed in the actuator and the highest guaranteed safety levels PL e and SIL 3.

> Metal head and technopolymer body
The housing of the NX series switch is made of two different materials: the metal head ensures maximum impact and tensile strength when the door is locked, and the technopolymer body ensures the lightweight and flexible construction of the device.

> Fast diagnosis of operational state thanks to the RGB LEDs
The illuminated cap positioned on the head of the device allows a quick diagnostic of inputs and outputs functional states.

> Bistable operating principle
This new operating method activates the internal solenoid by means of short electrical impulses that stabilise its position in either the unlocked or locked state. The most significant advantage resulting from this is the considerable reduction in energy consumption and warming up of the switch.

> Straightforward mounting
Mounting is carried out using just two M5 screws on the front with a hole spacing of 20 mm, whereby it plays no role whether the doors open to the right or left or if they are sliding or hinged doors. This is achieved by the presence of three entry openings for the actuator, which eliminate the need to rotate the head or the switch.

> Further aspects of the device are:
Auxiliary release via hexagonal key
Actuator can be rotated 90°
Jointed actuator for inaccurately closing guards



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